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Meet The Team

Every Treeist team member is a clear communicator with a passion for trees & the understanding that trees are valuable to the community as a whole.

Scroll down & check them out! 

Aidan Stillwell
Treeist Crew

Alex Boudreau
Climbing Arborist | @mutinaboudreau

Amanda Whitton
Director of Operations | 


Autumn Norris
Office Crew

Ben Asaro
Director of Production
Climbing Arborist / Crew Leader 
ISA Certified Arborist SO-10818A

Craig Nishimoto
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist SO-7125A
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified


Cameron Lee
Treeist Crew


Cody Lockamy
Treeist Crew / Stump Grinder


Chase Thingelstad
Climbing Arborist

David Ricks 
ISA Certified Arborist SO-10312A 
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified 
Splicing Specialist


Elisa Bruxvoort
Office Administrator
Client Relations Specailist

John Sorrell
Climbing Arborist 

Julius Niell
Treeist Crew
ISA Certified Arborist SO-10204A

Justin Cole
Treeist Crew
ISA Certified Arborist SO-11189A

Karen Bacilio
Scheduling Coordinator


Lee Cothran
Treeist Crew 

Malachi Edwards
Crew Leader / Climbing Arborist
ISA Certified Arborist SO-11060A

Michael Bruxvoort
Consultant / Crew Leader
ISA Certified Arborist SO-10644A
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified 


Michael Short
Crew Leader / Climbing Arborist 


Patrick H_edited.jpg

Patrick Hamilton
Climbing Arborist
ISA Certified Arborist RM-8400A

Sam Cannon
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
ISA Certified Arborist UT-4635AT

Vincent Koot
Crane Operator / Climbing Arborist
ISA Certified Arborist SO-10826A



Zach NeSmith
Climbing Arborist

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