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Ethos & Capabilities

We value ourselves in educating our community about their trees, not scaring folks into unnecessary services. We're in it for the long game with our neighbors & their trees.

Our Family Enjoy Trees In Our Community
Skilled Arborists & Treeist Owners

We are not salespeople.

Other companies will sell you services based on their (sometimes limited) capabilities. Our mission is to provide you with sound information about your trees and THEN consider the best method to achieve your goals. Hopefully we'll be the right company for your trees, if not, we'll make sure to put you in touch with a vendor that is the best fit. 

Communication (and trees) matter.

Every Treeist team member is a clear communicator with a passion for trees & the understanding that trees are valuable to the community as a whole.

Precision Tree Cabling By Expert Arborists
Precision Tree Removal By Expert Arborists

Fully insured & you're not going to pay extra for that.

Even though we're fully insured for all aspects of tree work, our clients do not suffer. We pay low rates due to our stellar safety record. Every Treeist team member is covered for real, work-at-height tree work. 

You pay after the work is completed to your standards.

We never ask for money in advance. Our terms are that we receive payment once the work is completed to your satisfaction. We accept all forms of payment. 

Skilled Tree Pruning By Expert Arborists
Precision Tree Dismantle By Skilled Arborists

Never stop learning (and training).

We follow industry best practices in all aspects of tree care. We are also committed to training both our team & our community. We're passionate about continuous improvement. Check out our Free Community Classes open to all folks interested in trees, climbing & the like. 

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