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Why: Working with trees is a full body workout & working out in nature is fun! 

What you will learn: That fitness through tree work related activities is equal parts challenge & reward. 

Class Structure: 

- All classes are led by David Ricks & have an unknown student teacher ratio (this is a drop-in class)

- You will be climbing (legs, arms, core)

- You will be using a large cross cut saw (back, arms)

- You will be splitting wood with an axe and/or maul (back, arms, legs)  

- You will be moving sleds filled with logs (legs) 

- You will be flipping logs (back, legs) 

How To Sign Up: This is a drop-in class, feel free stop by unannounced any Wednesday between 5pm & 7pm!



Cost: This class is currently free.  

Where: The Treeist Training Facility

- 607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West Chapel Hill, NC 27516

This drop-in class is held OUTSIDE

What to Bring & Wear:

- Water & Snacks 

- Closed toe shoes (ideally a hiking-type shoe that covers your ankle) 

- Clothing that can move with you (fitness, yoga, hiking, workout, etc.)

Age & Ability Range:

- Classes designed for ages 17 and up 

- Folks younger than 17 cannot attend 

- We will be using climbing equipment, cutting & splitting tools (axes & mauls) & handling both large and small ropes  

- We will be providing & using proper personal protective equipment


All participants will be required to sign a physical copy of our Waiver prior to participating in Classes or Events.

All Classes are held at The Treeist Training Facility: 

607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West

1/10 of a mile past the intersection of Hatch Rd and Hwy 54 in Chapel Hill.

Click Here For Google Maps

Questions? Email for more information.

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