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Tree Climbing Class

This class is FREE! for folks in our community. 

Email to enroll in the next class!

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- Trees offer valuable opportunities for recreation, meditation, fitness & more.

- Our mission is to help our community learn to safely climb & appreciate these beautiful structures.


- For these reasons, we believe tree climbing should be as ubiquitous as riding a bike.

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Class Structure:

- You'll be safely in a tree hanging from a life-support harness within the first 30min of the first class!

- We start low to the ground & progress to greater heights once each participant feels comfortable doing so.

- If you do not feel comfortable leaving the ground, we understand(!) & you will still learn valuable skills.

- If you want to climb to the top of the tallest tree at our training facility, we will help you! 



- The Treeist Training Facility 

- 607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West Chapel Hill, NC 27516

- This class is held OUTSIDE

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What to Bring & Wear:

- Water & Snacks 

- Closed toe shoes (ideally a hiking-type shoe that covers your ankle) 

- Clothing that can move with you (fitness, yoga, hiking, workout, etc.)

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Age & Ability Range:

- Classes designed for ages 15 and up

- Folks younger than 15 can attend the class with an adult that will help the child follow along in the class

- Tree climbing tends to work different muscles than other activities (good thing!)

- You'll likely have success in the class if you're able to get up from a seated position on the floor with 1 hand or less & can walk up a small flight of stairs with little to moderate fatigue 

Ben P. Treeist Teaching.jpg
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