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Stump Grinder 

Reports to:    Crew Director

Job Summary:

Working independently, the Stump Grinder position is the rearguard of our operations. They come sweeping in to finish the job and seal the client’s experience with the Treeist. While training of the operations can be done post-hire, the right candidate will already come in with enthusiasm and the will to learn. They need to be an independent thinker with a customer service mind-set and some mechanical know-how, who’s willing to approach each job site with a good attitude and the readiness to problem solve. Stump on a hill? No problem. Largest stump you’ve ever seen in your life? Let me at it. This job requires autonomy and self-motivation, and the ability to laugh in the face of topography.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Read and understand work order prior to the departure from the lot each day, asking questions and seeking clarification as necessary. The SG usually works independently, so they need to have full clarification of what’s expected. 

  • Conduct pre-departure checks to ensure all work equipment arrives at job site ready-to-use: ie: pickups and grinders all with proper fuel and oil levels, blowers prepared, full retinue of necessary tools. 

  • Exercise independent thinking in order to ensure a smooth and positive work day: maintaining motivation of self throughout the day, preserving communication between relevant parties, establishing contact with clients and meeting expectations. 

  • Maintain a constant learning-mindset, thereby maximizing on any and all learning opportunities as afforded by the work order and work-day timing.  

  • Effectively maintain work-zone safety and security. This includes non-invasive vehicle parking, proper traffic signage, and effective cone placement.

  • Should the situation allow, assist in treecrew operations as needed, should a crew need an extra hand or stump grinding jobs not fill an entire work week. 

  • Assist in all equipment and vehicle maintenance, recording all work done properly.


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Experience with spatial problem solving - the ability to understand basic machine operations and how to fit a large contraption into some small situations. 

  • Experience with or willingness to learn the operations of a Vermeer stump grinder. A background of operations with this actual machine are not necessary, but the ideal candidate would have some mechanical background. 

  • Proven ability to represent the company in all client-facing interactions. 

  • Constant display of organization and cleanliness, ensuring proper operating order of all tools and machinery. 

  • Continual proper use of all personal protection equipment, as well as the ability to ensure other team members are also adhering to all PPE protocols. 

  • Timeliness and reliability. 

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