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Join us as we craft useful tools & create nature inspired artwork each Sunday morning from 9:30am to Noon 


What you'll experience:

- Rope Splicing demonstrations from our splicing team (Chase & Anna)

- Opportunity to make your own rope bracelet 

- Learn & Practice our weekly 'Knot to Know' 

- Participate in the weekly Tree Related Craft Project 

Event Structure: 

- This event has an unknown student teacher ratio (this is a drop-in event)

- You will be standing & sitting intermittently while using basic hand tools, tying knots in rope, pulling both thin & thick rope


When: Every Sunday from 9:30am to Noon

How To Sign Up: This is a drop-in class, feel free stop by unannounced any Sunday between 9:30am & Noon!

Where: The Treeist Training Facility

- 607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West Chapel Hill, NC 27516

This class is held INSIDE a shop heated with a wood stove 

Age & Ability Range:

- There is something for folks of all ages at this event!

- We will be using basic cutting tools (scissors & hot knives) & sewing tools (needles & sail palms) 

- We will be providing & using proper personal protective equipment


- All participants using cutting tools will be required to sign a physical copy of our Waiver prior to participating

All Classes are held at The Treeist Training Facility: 

607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West

1/10 of a mile past the intersection of Hatch Rd and Hwy 54 in Chapel Hill.

Click Here For Google Maps

Questions? Email for more information.

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