Class Scholarship Program

We believe our classes should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

We don’t think money should be the reason folks can't attend our classes.


If you truly can't afford the fee for a class, we will cover the fee via our scholarship program.


To apply for a scholarship simply send David a 1 paragraph email to telling him a little about yourself, why you find trees valuable & what you hope to achieve by attending the class. 

All scholarship applications will be approved with no questions asked so long as the above is accomplished. 





Should you find the information in the classes so valuable that the value surpasses the class fee or simply wish to provide scholarships to future potential attendees, we welcome any monetary donations. Email for donation next steps. 


100% of these donations will be distributed as scholarships for future classes.


We will not ask for donations during the classes or at any other time.  





For those folks who can pay the fee & truly do not find value in the classes, we will provide a full refund. 

For a full refund simply send David a 1 paragraph email to telling him why you'd like a refund & more importantly, how we can improve our classes for the community.

All refunds will be approved with no questions asked so long as the above is accomplished.