We welcome you to join us Saturdays at our shop! 

We meet so many amazing folks on a daily basis (clients, community members, arborists & the like) that we've

committed to making time to connect with our community Saturday mornings from 8am to 11am. 

Our Location: 

607 N Carolina Hwy 54

1/10 of a mile past the intersection of Hatch Rd and Hwy 54 in Chapel Hill.


At a minimum you'll find: Coffee, Snacks & Conversations to be had with owners Craig Nishimoto & David Ricks


We realize that we're siloed in this industry. 

We're all about sharing knowledge and being around all folks interested in trees, tree care, climbing, splicing & the tools of the trade

Bring your tools. Show us what you're using. 

Homeowners & tree workers: bring in your old chainsaw and we'll show you how to sharpen it. Show us a picture or describe a tricky tree and we may be able to loan you some tools to make the job safer, easier and/or more fun(!). 


Crafting Bespoke Rope Tools 

Every other Saturday David will be filling splicing orders and/or giving impromptu splicing lessons to folks interested. Heads up that he's been known to splice something for free on the spot in exchange for good conversation. 

Schedule Future In-Depth Training

You're going to meet people that are willing to listen & teach if you come with topics you'd like to learn more about. Plan on stopping in and discussing how we can help with a future in-depth Saturday training session. 


Bring the Kids. We have Swings. 

We have rope swings installed in the trees around the shop that will put even the best park swing to shame. Feel free to bring the kids. Fair warning that you'll be wanting a turn too!