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Tree Removals

While pruning and tree health care practices help us to reduce the need for removals in general, there are times when a tree simply must be removed. 


Some removals require bucket trucks, cranes, and heavy equipment, but most usually just need a skilled climber. To steer a tree's fall, we can attach lines high in its canopy; properly rigged, a smaller tree can often be lowered to the ground using only ropes, friction devices, and the proper cuts. Over delicate areas we can remove a tree section by section: tossing, lowering, swinging, or zip-lining each piece away as necessary. Balancing efficiency, safety, and cost, we will find the best strategy to meet your concerns - whether great care must be taken around prized azaleas, or you simply need a hazard tree directed away from your house.


Rates depend on the labor and the equipment required. Wood can be hauled away; brush can be chipped (and removed, or left on site). For each circumstance we are happy to suggest a range of alternatives with corresponding costs to meet your specific needs.


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