Debris Removal

Our equipment and crew is available for clean up work, storm-related or otherwise. Available equipment include chippers, dump trucks, and mini skid steers. 




Click here for the firewood sales.


Supplies permitting we can provide locally sourced firewood, wood chips, cedar poles, mushroom logs, etc. - all the various byproducts of residential tree work.  


At the low end, you can bring your truck to a job site and freely take what you want. At the high end, we can deliver seasoned, premium hardwood, cut, split, and stacked. There are many options in between and costs will reflect labor, transportation costs, and supply. You can send me an email and tell me what you are looking for. I can add your location to my map and notify you when I am working in your neighborhood. This is especially helpful if you want a large delivery of freshly cut logs. 


Alternatively, you can select and pick up a truck load of wood from my home near Hwy 54 and Hatch Rd. Make sure to contact me beforehand for this. 


As an alternative to removing whole trees and large limbs, we can mitigate risk with bracing and cabling. Even dead trees can sometimes be secured for their wildlife valueOur work complies with the ANSI standards for tree support systems and ISA's best management practices. 


As well as traditional wire cables, we can also use synthetic lines. To a greater extent, such "dynamic" systems allow trees to continue their natural, self-supporting responses to wind and weight stresses. 

Tree Support Systems