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Crew Member


Reports to:    Crew Director

Job Summary:

The Crew Member/Climber is an important figure within the crew. They directly support the Crew Leader/Climber in all climbing operations, run the ground crew when the CL is at height, and help facilitate an effective workday. An ideal CM is able to foresee any needs the CL might have and provide for them, as well as maintain a constant surveillance of the work site, ensuring safety and productivity at all times. It’s a physically demanding job that requires a good attitude in the face of heat, cold, rain, sun, brush piles, angry bees, tired coworkers, and much more, but it’s also one of the most rewarding and exciting positions of the whole crew. 


Job Responsibilities:

  • Read and understand work order prior to the crew’s departure from the lot each day, asking questions and seeking clarification as necessary. 

  • Conduct pre-departure checks to ensure all work equipment arrives at job site ready-to-use: ie: all chippers/minis with proper fuel and oil levels, chip trucks empty, batteries available for all applicable equipment. 

  • Adhere to all work protocols as outlined by management and Crew Leader, serving as second in command for any situation where Crew Leader is at height and unable to assist.  

  • Serve as a backup climber on each job site: setting lines for future work-order line items, orchestrating ground-level pruning, preparing personal equipment in order to ensure quick transitions between work-order line items as applicable.

  • Exercise independent thinking in order to ensure a smooth and positive work day: maintaining motivation of self and crew members, any communication that needs to occur between relevant parties.

  • Maintain a constant learning-mindset, thereby maximizing on any and all learning opportunities as afforded by the work order, work-day timing, and Crew Leader.  

  • Effectively maintain work-zone safety and security. This includes non-invasive vehicle parking, proper traffic signage, and effective cone placement.

  • Assist in all crew equipment and vehicle maintenance, recording all work done properly.


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Familiarity with a variety of climbing systems, and demonstrable ability to fluently use at least one system to achieve adequate working height in a variety of tree species. 

  • Familiarity with, or willingness to learn, a variety of rigging techniques in order to effectively and properly approach all rigging situations while at height and on the ground.

  • Experience operating a mini-skid machine, preferably the Ditch Witch SK1550 or similar. 

  • Proven ability to represent the company in all client-facing interactions. 

  • Constant display of organization and cleanliness, ensuring proper operating order of all tools and machinery. 

  • Continual proper use of all personal protection equipment, as well as the ability to ensure other team members are also adhering to all PPE protocols. 

  • Timeliness and reliability. 

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