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Wood Delivery Technician

Reports To: Director of Production 


Direct Reports: None


Compensation: Compensation commensurate with experience, but no less than $17 per hour. 


Job Summary: Working 15 - 20 hours a week, the Wood Delivery Technician provides current & future clients of The Treeist with desired wood products in order to:

 A.) solidify The Treeist as THE tree related service provider in the community 

 B.) ensure that the Treeist Production Crews remain focused on providing stellar & swift customer service on their daily projects. 

Working with our internal CRM software & expert client communication skills, they ensure accurate and timely deliveries of wood products created by the Treeist Production Crews. This role is a 10/90 mix of computer aided logistics (10%) & using heavy equipment for residential deliveries of wood products (90%). 


Schedule: Afternoon & early evenings (3pm - 7pm), Monday through Friday with weekend availability if desired. 





  • Review & Schedule wood products for delivery aiming for 3pm - 7pm (when the production crew vehicles are back at the lot)

  • Disconnect Chip Trucks & Log Trucks from trailered vehicles 

  • Deliver Treeist Clients wood chips & logs 

  • Diligently track all deliveries within Jobber to ensure quality control & client satisfaction 

  • Reconnect any utilized vehicles in order to prep equipment for the next day. 



  • Provide The Treeist Clients the wood products they desire to maintain brand visibility in the community. 

  • Maintain relationships with other wood-product related organizations and companies that share our vision and ethos in order to create small-scale sourcing networks sustainable to all involved. 

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