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Contract Climbing & Felling


As an independent contractor I provide tree care companies and landscapers with an alternative to hiring, equipping, and training additional employees. I come...


experienced in dealing with problematic trees in delicate or hazardous situations, and to care for trees according to currently prescribed best practices. I am an ISA Certified Arborist with an additional qualification in tree risk assessment. 


insured with my own worker's compensation and liability insurance covering damages to two million dollars. Upon request I can have certificates of insurance sent to you before the work begins.


equipped with state-of-the-art climbing and rigging gear. My climbing gear includes both spike and spikeless (SRT) climbing systems. To expedite limbing from the ground, I can bring a 12-foot tripod ladder, a 21-foot telescoping pole saw, and a dialectric pole pruner. My rigging gear includes bull ropes rated to 18,000 lbs. tensile strength, taglines, arborist blocks, a bollard and winch system, and everything needed for speedlining, friction assisted lowering, and portable mechanical advantage. 


with sharpened saws. I have enough professional grade chainsaws to handle any cutting needs - from lightweight climbing saws to the ms660 for the big stuff. Back up saws are always on hand to keep the work flowing. 


with personal protective equipment. I am more than happy to share my chainsaw chaps, hi-viz vests, and helmets with the ground crew. The helmets come with hearing protection, face shields and an integrated four-way intercom system to enable communication over chainsaws and chippers. 




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