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Tree Risk Assessment

After a few years in this business, I've learned to suspect the "tree experts." Invited for a free estimate, you'll be told that your tree is sick, that its top is too heavy, its lean excessive, or that a canker indicates a spreading, internal rot. Then, in removing the one tree, or damaging others by needless pruning, they'll leave your remaining trees worse off: newly vulnerable to winds, to sunscald, to structurally unstable sprout growth, or to infection through misplaced cuts, the punctures of climbing spikes, or the damp wood chips piled against a tree's base. And so, in tree years, most of our trees are killed in their youth. 


If you think your tree is hazardous, I can inspect it and even climb it for a better look. Surveying your property, I may spot weak branch attachments and structural problems that can be addressed before the problems grow costly. To ease the concerns of neighbor, or to just record your due diligence, I can leave you with a written summary of a basic tree risk assessment


Check my availability and schedule a risk assessment here.  


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