Chainsaw Maintenance Class

Why: This class is perfect for someone who owns a chainsaw or is planning on owning one in the near future

What you will learn:

- How to Identify, clean & inspect key components of a chainsaw 

- How to properly install & sharpen a chainsaw chain 

- How to identify & replace key parts of the chainsaw 

- How to diagnose basic functionality issues 

- You can bring your own chainsaw or use one of ours

Class Structure: 

- All classes are taught by David Ricks & Alex Boudreau & have a student teacher ratio of 2:1

- You will be walking, standing & sitting intermittently while using basic hand tools

- You will be given the opportunity to purchase any of the tools used in the class (we will also provide links to products used during the class should you wish to purchase at online retailers) 


When: 1 class offering in Jan 2023

1. Chainsaw Maintenance Class A: $40 for a total of 4 hours of training during 1 class. 4 spots available for each class. 

Class Date & Time: Saturday 1/7 (8am to 12pm)


How To Sign Up: 


Step 1:  Identify The Class You'd Like To Attend

Step 2: Email with Class Name & quantity of People Attending

Step 3: David will email you back confirming class availability & payment instructions*

*Scholarships available for all classes. Click Here to learn more.

Questions? Email David at 

Where: The Treeist Training Facility

- 607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West Chapel Hill, NC 27516

This class is held INSIDE a shop heated with a wood stove 

What to Bring & Wear:

- Water & Snacks 

- Closed toe shoes (ideally a hiking-type shoe that covers your ankle) 

- Clothing that you are comfortable getting dirty with grease, oil, & debris 

- You can bring your own chainsaw or use one of ours

Age & Ability Range:

- Classes designed for ages 15 and up 

- Folks younger than 15 can attend the class with an adult that will help the child follow along in the class

- Both the adult & the child should pay the class fee

- Chainsaw Maintenance (not operation) related injuries are almost entirely associated with A.) the improper use of tools while working on the saw & B.) a lack of personal protective equipment 

- We will be providing & using proper tools & proper personal protective equipment


All participants will be required to sign a physical copy of our Waiver prior to participating in Classes or Events.

- Minors will require a guardian's signature 

All Classes are held at The Treeist Training Facility: 

607 N Carolina Hwy 54 West

1/10 of a mile past the intersection of Hatch Rd and Hwy 54 in Chapel Hill.

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Questions? Email for more information.